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Banking Services

Offshore Bank Accounts Services

Open an international bank account with the help of Company Global Pro (CGP). We have a close working relationship with numerous banks globally and guide you to open an offshore bank account that meets your business requirements.

Offshore banking services

CGP provides Offshore Banking services to private and business clients from all over the world in countries and jurisdictions that are most fitting to clients’ needs. Since 2009 CGP assists our clients to secure international multi-currency corporate bank account approval everywhere in the world. In most countries, opening a corporate bank account can be done for a foreign company, without having staff, an office, or a local subsidiary. Based on what you are looking for, we will advice you on the best solution for company and operation structure and accompany you throughout the entire set-up process as well as maintenance required. Thanks to our excellent professional relationship with global top-tier banks and experience in this area, we always find banking solutions tailored to our Client’s needs.

Easy Process

It is not mandatory for clients to present physically at the bank during the procedure of opening an offshore bank account. We will handle everything.

Wide Network

The widespread global network of CGP will help you open bank in foreign countries like Cyprus, UK, Hong Kong, Romania & Germany to name a few.

Smooth Online Banking

The banks with whom we incorporate provide seamless offshore bank account online services so that you can remotely manage your accounts.

Timely Process

With our meticulous work, we get you timely approval to your offshore bank accounts so that you can rapidly start trading with your account.

Benefits of Offshore Bank Account

Offshore banks provide access to politically and economically stable jurisdictions. The most of offshore banks operate with lower cost base and an provide higher interest rates than the legal rate in the home country due to lower overheads and a lack of governement intervention.

  • Privacy & Confidentiality
  • Asset Protection
  • Diversification
  • Improved banking system
  • Minimise global bank charges
  • Better interest rate

Accessibility to various offshore support services

  • Offshore corporate banking enables our clients to receive and settle foreign currencies, eliminating
    exchange rate risks while minimizing transaction costs;
  • Offshore corporate banking enables our clients to receive and settle payments in foreign currencies,
    eliminating exchange rate risk while minimizing transaction costs;
  • Offshore companies allow access to global markets while being tax neutral. Many of our clients opt for
    offshore business registration to open merchant accounts to receive international customer credit card
    payments or open brokerage accounts to efficiently trade securities on global stock exchanges;
  • Yachts or ships may also be owned by a firm registered in an offshore jurisdiction, which can prove to
    be cheaper and more tax-efficient method of ownership (e.g. using a Marshall Islands company).

Best In Class Banking Services

Get benefited by our world-class offshore banking services. We offer quality and budget-friendly services.

Streamlining Bank Account Opening Process

  • We offer offshore bank account services for both business and individual.
  • We perfectly explain all document formalities to our clients which they need to submit.
  • We help clients in completing the required forms.
  • On behalf of our clients, we complete form formalities like sending docs to the bank.
  • We transfer every detail to clients about their bank account such as its opening status, account number, etc.