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Office Services

Be A Global Entrepreneur With Our Superior
Offshore Office Services

Become a beneficiary of our world-class and in-budget offshore office services and
enjoy operating it beyond the boundaries of your country.

What we can do for you?

  • Advice and consult on the best jurisdiction for opening an offshore bank account;
  • Assistance in application formalities as well as documentation preparation;
  • Take care of the entire application process on client’s behalf;
  • Finalizing procedures once application is approved and communicate all relevant information to the

Clients who choose CGP prefer to secure an account the easy way. We work closely with our banking
partners to ensure we provide you with the best available corporate accounts, fee structure and
confidential service

Prior to commencing an engagement CGP will collect due diligence documentation from our clients including:

  • Certified true copy of passport
  • Original copy of proof of address
  • Recent bank statements or reference letter, etc.

After settlement of our fees, CGP will:

  • Prepare a business plan to optimize the probability of timely corporate bank account approval;
  • Provide you with a detailed project plan so you know when you can expect to begin trading with your

When opening a corporate bank account abroad, it is important our clients are aware of their personal and corporate tax obligations in their country of residence and domicile; and they will fulfill those obligations: for instance, French residents are required to disclose their personal and corporate bank accounts to their local tax authority when filling in their income statements. Please feel free to let us
know if you need CGP to help clarify your annual reporting obligations.

Strongest Offshore Banks
Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and many other countries have many very strong, safe banks. CGP has the inside scoop, based on a decade of experience, finding the most suitable offshore banking centers that offer growth investments, are financially resilient, have convenient services, and are truly pleasant to work with.

It is extremely important to have the guidance of someone with experience in setting up accounts offshore. Any bank can make themselves look great. But only someone with experience — and we have set up thousands of accounts offshore — can tell you which ones really treat their depositors right.

Easy Office Acquisition

Company Global Pro is having a professional team. Our team with their agile knowledge help you acquire a company in the foreign land and operate it seamlessly.

Easy Business Expansion

We smooth the process of business expansion of our client. They can quickly and easily choose the location of their choice globally and tap the virgin market effectively.

Full Facility

Our offshore office services are fully equipped with world-class facilities like availability of office address, a person who can handle your call and emails in the initial stage, etc.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We work in a technologically advanced environment. We try our best to deliver our clients the office facility equipped with state of the art technology.

Dedicated Manager

A dedicated manager with experience and knowledge is an asset of any company. Company Global Pro caters you with the best manager who is always ready on toes to deliver the best services according to the need of your business.

Less Cost More Profit

Our offshore office services are cost-effective. We understand your business and then deliver you tailored solution that suits your budget and optimize business efficiency.

Offshore Offices Actually and Virtually

We have mustered our years of experience and churned our knowledge in order to offer you an offshore office actually and virtually.
Following are our deliverables:

  • We offer someone who can answer your call in the actual office.
  • We offer e-mail and fax services in both the actual office and virtual office.
  • We offer secretarial services to streamline your administration services.
  • We offer you a permanent address for correspondence responses for actual as well as the virtual office.
  • We offer professionally designed company letterhead with a local address which can use in both ways, in an actual office, and in the virtual office.
  • For the virtual office, we offer service to record incoming phone calls, messages, and e-mails and transfer them to the client if needed.

It Always Gives Us Immense Pleasure
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